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Ben Pearson


I started ENALAS in 2012, but the thinking for the company started many years earlier as my sister Elizabeth thought that I should be an entrepreneur that helped others in some way. Elizabeth named the company ENALAS –
Everyone Needs A Little Assistance Sometimes.

Fast forward to 2018. We’re assisting brands, companies, artists, manufacturers, and everyone in between get to mass scale markets with cool products that make the world a better place.

We have deep, deep, deep product and market expertise in the Scientific and Industrial market and will always continue to have a focus there. What we realized is that the analytics, skills, processes, and scientific thinking we applied to the scientific market we could use to help other manufactures and that is what we do today.

It brings me great pride to build a strong team in our home town, but also across the world. We are energized by bringing our clients success and life long partnerships. As an employee once said, “We are the biggest, small business in the world”. I love this quote because we operate at massive scales, but our fundamentals and beliefs are family oriented and small business like, giving us a unique culture.

We would love to talk to you about how to help grow your business.
— Ben Pearson, Founder/CEO


Sumit Jain


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Doug Pearson

Operations and Safety Manager


Kelly Pearson

Product and Curriculum Development


Abigail Pearson

Compliance Officer

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Mike Wink

Vice President of Operations

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Tim Montondo

Sales and Technical Product Line Manager

Navigating the world of online marketplaces is one of the most interesting challenges facing brands today. The standard distribution model, while it still exists, is being transformed into an online, consumer-focused marketplace: even in professional and business settings.

At ENALAS, we use data and analytics as the foundation for our decisions. We have developed internal, proprietary algorithms to make sure your products are in front of the right audience, at the right price, and with the right message.

We stay on top of the latest technologies and trends to make sure our clients have the highest quality and most advanced presence in online marketplaces. We participate in every pilot program, beta/alpha available, test new partner tools, and develop internal tools when external tools will not suffice. I personally read blogs, news, and private seller networks on a daily basis to make sure we stay ahead of everyone. I make sure our staff has the best hardware and tech stack available. Our ability to stay nimble and technologically advanced is one of our key differentiators.

While I thoroughly enjoy empowering my team to meet our client’s goal, my ultimate goal is to allow our clients to focus on what they love to do: make amazing products.
— Matt Bertrand, VP of Marketing Tech

Matt Bertrand

Vice President of Marketing Technology


Chris Wink

Inventory Control and Receiving Manager

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Mike Welden

Customer and Ecommerce Operations Assistant


Zachary Pearson

Chief Happiness Officer


Mark Welden

Warehouse Associate - Material Handler

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Angie D'Agostino

Customer Service Representative


Jeff Green

Marketing Technology Manager


Rob Weiner

Vice President of Finance


Eric Purdy

Warehouse Material Handler


Amy Naum

Brand Manager



Warehouse Material Handler


Jax Gibbs

Ecommerce Merchandiser


Geraldine Milne

Ecommerce Merchandiser


Kevin D'Agostino

Inventory and Forecasting Analyst



Physics Curriculum Development


Stephanie Marchioni

Human Resources


Brandon JASON

Warehouse Labeling Preparation

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Warehouse Associate

Our Facility

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Our Awards

Over the past decade, we've been honored with multiple awards at our level of service in both operational and service excellence.  Here are a few such awards:

2018 Rochester Top 100 Companies, #33


2017 Platinum Level Status
Operational Excellence

Ward’s Science/VWR Education


YPO Member

Ben Pearson


2016 Platinum Level Status
Operational Excellence

VWR Science Education



2017 & 2015 Supplier of the Year

Fisher Scientific


fs_best supply chain.jpg

2014 & 2012 Best Supply Chain Management

Fisher Scientific



2016 Best Sales Support

Fisher Scientific