Ben Pearson and ENALAS are helping small companies think BIG

From concept to reality. The go-to-market strategy of any cool product is an arduous journey of pinpointingthe target market, assessing the competition while defining one’s own value proposition, and navigating the increasingly dense e-commerce landscape. For those who aren’t tech-savvy millennials, these tasks are known to leave some heads spinning. 


Ben Pearson, Founder and CEO of ENALAS (short for Everyone Needs a Little Assistance Sometimes) knows firsthand the challenges many new start-ups face when trying to launch their products to a broader audience. A physicist at heart, Pearson drew from his analytical background to extract and define the algorithms that help businesses thrive in today’s cutthroat marketplace.

“We have deep product and market expertise in the scientific and industrial markets,” explains Pearson.“We quickly realized the analytics, skills, processes, and scientific thinking we applied to these markets could also be used to solve problems in other industries as well, and that is what we do today.”

ENALAS provides services to a wide range of businesses – from an artist with a catchy idea, to multinational global manufacturers. In fact, no client is too big or too small.The company’s product design and development services are aimed at helping businesses build their burgeoning brands. Used in conjunction with its patented data analytics, ENALAS assists the small business in determining which their customers want, what the product should look like, where to source the materials, and how to market the final product.

One of ENALAS’ most popular services is helping clients to navigate online marketplaces while developing a strategy to maximize online presence. With online retailers like Amazon and Walmart topping out at nearly 200 million and 130million visitors per month respectively, it seems only fitting than any company trying to sell a product would want to align with these e-commerce powerhouses. However, product placement on Amazon is not a 2-click job. In fact, Amazon has notoriously made it so difficult to sell products, that many would-be retailers are giving up at the gate.

“Navigating the world of online marketplaces is one of the most interesting challenges facing brands today,” explains Pearson, who has developed a solution to this ubiquitous dilemma. “The standard distribution model, while it still exists, is being transformed into an online, consumer-focused marketplace; even in professional and business settings.”


ENALAS provides its clients with product placement on such platforms as Amazon, eBay, Jet, Walmart, Etsy and more. Let’s say the goal is getting on Amazon. ENALAS will place the company’s inventory strategically across its fulfillment network while managing all aspects of pick, pack and ship. Naturally, the data-driven company doesn’t just leave you hanging once your product is out there. Using data derived from the products and market analytics, ENALAS continues to work with its clients to tailor the product portfolio to meet the needs of the target customer base.


Even businesses that don’t foresee an online niche are surprised when they learn of the vast potential that ENALAS can define for them. Ten years ago, nobody could imagine grocery shopping online. Today, 31 percent of Americans regularly utilize some sort of online grocery delivery service. Assessing online potential can open many doors for the average small business.

Combine this with ENALAS' front-end services like product design and development, and tack on the back-end warehousing and global logistics, and companies truly have a one-stop-shop with ENALAS. Of course, should companies want to choose any of these services a la carte, that is also an option.

The company’s warehouse and global logistics services are what makes them, as what client put it, “the biggest small business in the world.” With facilities in the U.S., India, the UK and Spain, ENALAS ships to over 100 countries worldwide, and within all 50 states.

Headquartered in Victor, NY, ENALAS is proud to contribute to Rochester’s rising economy. Pearson discovered early on, when he quit his corporate job, he didn’t always see eye to eye with the suits in charge.

“I cared more about the people than the profits,” he admits. Years later, that same attitude is what sets ENALAS apart from the competition. And perhaps the reason why eight of Pearson’s relatives work for him today; he takes care of his employees with competitive benefits and treats them all like family. As for his personal formula for happiness? Like the rest of his work, it’s something he can easily define. “If I’m intellectually stimulated, and I can provide for my family and my kids, that’s the formula that works for me.”

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