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Types of Assistance We Offer:


Navigating Online Marketplaces


Warehousing and Global Logistics


Product Design and Development


Who We Work With


No client is too big.
No client is too small. 


From an Individual artist designing a product at Home


to multinational billion dollar global manufacturers.

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Warehousing and Global Logistics

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With our state-of-the-art facility in Victor, NY and our fulfillment network around the world, we're able to handle anything your brand needs.


Warehousing & Storage

  • No product too small or too big. 
  • Climate and temperature controlled storage
  • Pick, pack, and ship using ours or your shipping accounts with all major parcel and LTL carriers

Kitting & product Preparation

  • Customer product arrangements and packaging
  • Large project organization and procurement
  • Product development to meet curriculum needs

Global Shipping & Fulfillment

  • We've shipped 1 ounce packages one town over and 48 foot ocean containers around the world.
  • We ship to all 50 states, over 100 countries.
  • Facilities in US, India, UK, and Spain

Product Development


We work with you and your team to help develop new products.  Used in conjunction with our data analytics, we can determine what products your customers want, where to source the materials, and how to market those products.

From Concept


To Reality


Working With Us


Onboarding Process


Introduction and Needs

We meet with you and your team to see what exactly you're looking for in a partner and whether we fit that bill.  We invite you to our facility to meet our teams and see our operations in Victor, NY.


Market Space

You provide us with your product information including pricing and how much inventory will be available to us.  We use our proprietary processes and algorithms to analyze what's going on in your market and figure out what your greatest opportunities are.



Assuming we're the right fit for one another, we will sign a mutually beneficial contract and begin the launch process.


Launch Process


Samples and Marketing Content Creation

We get samples of all your products, any previous merchandising or photography, all product marketing collateral.  We then begin creating new marketing content and preparing for the online launch.  We send you a sample listing for review and feedback.


First Pro Forma Order

Based on our analytics and demand forecasts, we place and receive our first pro forma order with you.  We will then make any additional preparations, labeling, or packaging necessary.  We will distribute out to our fulfillment network as necessary.


Go Live on All Channels

After the listings are created and the inventory is at our facility, we will go live on all marketplaces.  We will also start all online advertising and work with your social media presence to coordinate promotion of the new listings.


Ongoing Relationship


Weekly Pro Forma Orders

Based on sales and forecasts, we determine the proper amount of inventory to keep on hand and will place weekly pro forma orders.  We work with your warehouse to most efficiently pack, label and ship the orders to us.


Monthly Vendor Report and Payments

At the close of every fiscal month, we provide reports of your inventory on hand, previous months units sold, and other marketing data.  At that point, you invoice us for the previous months sales and we remit payment to you.

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Quarterly Business Reviews

Once a quarter, we will do a deeper dive into your analytics and meet with you to discuss what's working and what's not working, from both of our perspective.  We will provide recommendations on product ideas, pricing, other marketing efforts, and more.

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